Kitchens you can enjoy
5 workshops
furniture manufacturing and assembly workshops
270 machines
from Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Japan
4000 employees
including dealer's worker
92 500 m2
of total
manufacturing area

We develop customised projects taking into account each client’s lifestyle, tastes and wishes.
609 015
completed orders
since 1999
  • Warranty period up to 20 years
    We are sure of the quality and reliability of «Maria» furniture
  • More than 1,200 faсade types
    Variety of colors, textures and materials
  • European fittings
    Hettich mechanisms guarantee over 80,000 smooth and silent openings and closings
  • Turn-key ready interior
    Same style furniture and accessories for bathrooms and living rooms
  • Trends and new releases
    Most trendy of what is presented at world exhibitions is reflected in our design

With fire, iron and foods
"Popular Mechanics" magazine tested our kitchens to destruction.
The crush test
is passed!

The showroom of the Maria factory became the test site. Here, more than 20 kitchens are collected in one place, many of them are unique and made in a single copy.

The experiments were carried out on exhibition models and prototypes made specifically for testing.

Innovative manufacturing

The technology park consists of 270 modern machines from Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Japan.
The list of suppliers includes 300 companies from Europe and the USA.

Brand No. 1 in Russia
30 most profitable franchises in Russia
100 Best
Russian goods
Best Enterprise in the Industry — 2020
Top 100
Elle Decoration:
Choice of the Year
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Top 15 Russian manufacturers
Effie Awards
Every day we create up to 12,000 parts. Robotic painting machines and craftsmanship create the finest details that make our furniture unique.
safe for children
and animals
takes care
of the Environment
Full cycle
from production of parts
to assembly of sections
  • Frame shop
    What is at the heart of the kitchen?
    Frame shop
    Every day 12,000 frame parts are manufactured at the «Maria» factory
    Cutting error is minimal
    Assembly holes are made quickly and accurately
    Chipboard by Standard or laminated chipboard with increased moisture resistance by AquaStop Egger

    The frame is the skeleton of the kitchen — it’s backbone . The service life of the furniture directly depends on how strong, reliable and durable it is. Frames for «Maria» kitchens are made of chipboard from the world’s largest manufacturers from Austria such as Egger and Kronospan.

    A chipboard sheet is sawn into pieces of the required dimensions on a Holmza machine (Germany). The equipment is controlled by a computer, so cutting error is minimal. The material is placed on an air cushion, which protects it from scratches.

    We use WEKE machine (Germany), which also has program control, to make quick and accurate holes for assembling the frame section.

    Chipboard, which "Maria" kitchens are made from, complies with E1 environmental safety class: it is odorless, does not cause allergies and is safe for children’s health.

  • Facade shop
    How does a design idea come to life?
    Facade shop
    In the Facade shop kitchen facades are made from MDF or chipboard for classic, neoclassical and modern kitchens
    An edge of 5 colors is loaded into a laser machine (Germany)
    Double-sided edge by Rehau (Germany) gives a variety of options
    The tape is not glued to the facade, but soldered with a laser
    Milling is done by Homag Vantage 33 (Germany))
    Machine by Burkle (Germany) for facing MDF facades
    Facades covered with film are ready to be sent to the Assembly shop
    SwissQprint UV printer for photo printing (Switzerland)
    Photo printing: a clear pattern on any surface

    If the frame is the skeleton of the kitchen, the facade is its face. It should not only be attractive, but also emphasizes the individuality of its owners. "Maria" provides clients with unlimited opportunities for creative self-fulfilment. In the facade shop, kitchen facades are made of MDF or chipboard. They can be flat or radius, with milling of any level or glass inserts, covered with matte or glossy film (more than 200 colors in the palette) or with photo printing (more than 250 unique images in the database).

    Maria was the first in Russia to master the technology of laser edge processing: the tape is not glued to the facade, but soldered with a laser, ensuring the tightest fit possible. A perfectly flat surface without visible seams will last long as it is moisture and steam resistant. An edge of five colors is loaded into the ProfiLine KAL 320 laser machine (Germany). Its productivity is 800 parts per day. Double-sided edge by Rehau (Germany) is available in different colors and decorative solutions.

    Milling MDF facades is done by the Homag Vantage 33 machine (Germany). Karim Rashid’s signature wave is cut out on the Karma model. It will be made of colored glass and illuminated with the color of the kitchen. Burkle machine (Germany) is used аor lining MDF facades with thermoplastic. Its productivity is 650 items per day.

    Another option for decorating a facade is photo printing. The image is applied by a large-format UV flatbed printer SwissQprint (Switzerland). "Maria"’s database contains more than 250 exclusive prints. Photo printing technology allows you to apply a high-definition pattern to any surface including glass wall panels.

  • Facade finishing shop
    Tradition combines technology
    Facade finishing shop
    Ready-made facades and dining groups from Italy are decorated here.
    Robot Fanuc (Japan) applies paint, imitating moving hand
    Artists apply patina by hand
    Wooden elements are prepared for painting by polishing by hand
    Facades covered with film are ready to be sent to the assembly shop
    Finishing polish with a Festool machine (Italy)
    The future is already here: robots and people create beauty together at the factory. Solid wood facades, as well as all wooden elements and dining groups, are brought from Italy, and at the factory in Saratov they are polished, primed and decorated with paint, varnish or patina. MDF facades go through the same production stages. In order to get the same tone on all parts of one kitchen, the paint is applied by a robot. Even "Maria"'s Italian partners, who come here on excursions, admire its “skill”. Then the kitchen parts are hand-painted by artists. They are trained at the factory. They study for six months before they are entrusted with painting an entire kitchen.
  • Countertop shop
    Industrial art
    Countertop shop
    "Sculptors" produce more than 1,500 artificial stone countertops every month. More than 80% of the work is done by hand.
    The 12 mm thick stone is a guarantee of strength and durability.
    After cutting the stone slab, all the elements are glued into a single structure.
    The final polishing of the stone is done by hand.
    Chipboard countertops are veneered with plastic on a Burkle machine (Italy).
    Personal responsibility for quality of each product
    "Maria" produces tabletops of two types: from chipboard covered with plastic and from artificial stone. At the chipboard factory, countertops are cut to size, lined with plastic, the ends are processed according to Euro-sawing technology - without visible seams and joints. Wall panels are made from the same material. Artificial stone is used to make not only countertops and back splashes, but also sinks. The sink is integrated to the countertop in such a way that a single design is obtained - without gaps, beautiful and durable. In the factory those people who work with 20 kg stone slabs we call "sculptors". Due to the company's extensive experience with artificial stone the legendary designer Karim Rashid got interested and involved into working with us. He designed for us the Volna concept completely from this artificial stone.
  • Assembly shop
    All about quality control
    Assembly shop
    There are 13 assembly lines that make sections for 130 kitchens per day.
    Drilling holes for the hinges are made on the machine
    Hettich hinges guarantee 200,000 cycles of trouble-free and silent operation
    Each assembled section is photographed
    Each section is checked by a responsible specialist
    The assembled section is placed in a special moisture-resistant protective packaging.

    A chipboard sheet is sawn into pieces of the required dimensions using a Holmza machine (Germany). The equipment is controlled by a computer, so cutting error is minimal. The material is placed on an air cushion, which protects it from scratches.

    The program-controlled WEKE machine (Germany) makes holes for assembling the frame section quickly and accurately.

    Chipboard, which "Maria" kitchens are made from, complies with E1 environmental safety class: it is odorless, does not cause allergies, and is safe for children's health.

Development stages
Together with you
since 1999

Our main mission is to make the dreams of our customers come true and create furniture you can enjoy!

We treat our customers with respect and care and keep our promises.

  • 2023
    "Maria" in Forbes again
    • Our flagship brand "Maria" is in Forbes rating of the most profitable franchises in Russia for the fifth time. We are the only representative of the furniture industry there!
  • 2021
    Now we make sofas, too
    • We have expanded the product line of with a collection of seating furniture, which includes sofas, armchairs and pouffes.
  • 2020
    New online services
    • In the year of the COVID-2019 pandemic we developed the services that allowed our customers to buy furniture online. Mobile studios were launched in 6 regions.
  • 2019
    Wardrobes are here
    • We have released a new product - a collection of "Maria" wardrobes. The first customer was the fashion expert Evelina Khromtchenko.
  • 2018
    20 year warranty period
    • "Maria" increased the warranty period for kitchens up to 20 years.
  • 2017
    Karim Rashid
    • We presented three kitchens designed for us by world famous industrial designer Karim Rashid.
  • 2016
    Forbes rating
    • For the first time "Maria" is included in the rating of the most profitable franchises in Russia by Forbes magazine.
  • 2015
    «Edym doma!»
    • We launched a project with the famous cookery expert Yulia Vysotskaya “Kitchen furniture workshop “Edym Doma!”.
  • 2014
    Sochi Winter Olimpics
    • We supplied 600 kitchens to Krasnaya Polyana hotels built for the participants of the Olympic Games.
  • 2012
    Gerard Depardieu
    • We launched the first national advertising campaign featuring the famous French actor.
  • 1999
    The Factory is founded
    • A new furniture factory "Maria" is established in Saratov on the territory of 900 square meters. It employs 30 people.